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CIX Crypto Visa Card
The CIX Card is more than just a crypto card. Our CIX Card is available as a debit card connected to the Visa payment system. The CI Card is backed by Visa security and fraud prevention and available in a Digital virtual mobile version or a high-quality Physical plastic card. Use your card with Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Spend your assets anywhere in the world where a Visa card is accepted.

Instant quick top-ups, in store and online purchases, contactless tap, swipe, ATM withdraws, mobile wallet compatibility, tracking, real time spending push notifications, and an account management CI dashboard.

CIX Card benefits
No Annual Fees
Buy CIX and take advantage of no annual membership fee for 1 year.
Transaction Fee Discounts
20% to 40% discount on transaction fees if you choose to pay your fees with CIX for 1 year.

Multiple Visa
Debit Card Options
Choose a Virtual or Physical card; select the card that better suits your needs and lifestyle.
Free Crypto Top-ups
Buy CIX and top-up your Debit Card for free, ranging from 10k$ to 100K$ for 1 year.

Keep track of your spending with real-time push notifications
Access your payment history in the CI App to keep track of your purchases and withdrawals and to view cashback rewards in real time. Receive real-time push notifications with every transaction you make.
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Trusted & Secure

From online shopping to in-store purchases, Centurion Invest and Visa keep your transactions safe.

Backed by Visa security & fraud prevention

Block and unblock your card with a tap

Extra 3DS protection for an added layer of security
Compare Card Tiers

Hold CIX NA $500 $5,000 $10,000
Monthly Subscription
Spending power without fees NA $10,000 $50,000 $100,000
Discount after spending power Threshold NA 20% 30% 40%
Refer to our help article for further details on Fees and Limits.


For security purposes, you can hold a maximum of $10,000.00 in your Card wallet. This limit can be increased, please contact our customer service and they will assist you.
The CIX Crypto Visa Card is a utility of our native CIX token, you can use the card for all your day-to-day transactions; groceries, utilities, gas, travel, retail and online purchases, entertainment, restaurants, and much more…
Anyone can order a card, just be a CIEX KYC verified user, and start using your Crypto Visa Card. The card is available worldwide and is accepted in 200+ Countries and over 70 Million merchants.
Invest in CIX and Pair your tokens with your Visa Debit Card and take advantage of no annual fees for 1 year. Select from our four card options and get higher spending limits with discounted fees. Minimal Top up fees will apply while loading your card with crypto assets. The CIX invested can be used for trading, paying fees or staking, they are unlocked, hence, free to use at any time.
Activating your CIX Crypto visa card is very simple:
  1. Open your CI wallet & select the card section.
  2. Go to virtual or physical card section & select a card that suits your needs.
  3. Enter your personal details (name, address, phone number, country, etc …)
  4. Check your email for the registration confirmation.
  5. You will be notified by email when your card has been approved.
  6. Top up your card with Crypto, in the card wallet dashboard.
The CI Crypto Visa Card is a prepaid Visa card. This means that you cannot spend more than you have on the card’s balance. You therefore don’t have to worry about most common credit card fees. That means you won’t pay interest on your purchases or an annual fee. It’s connected to your CI wallet and enables you to spend crypto assets directly from your wallet. You can use it for online payments, to pay for your groceries at the supermarket or to make ATM withdrawals. Since the CI Card is connected to the Visa payment system, it can be used anywhere in the world where a Visa is accepted.
All card pre-orders will be white listed and will need to go through the CIX Crypto card KYC process to validate their personal information required by the Visa network. Additional KYC details will include; name, address, country, telephone number, etc… a utility bill will need to be uploaded for physical card request.
Our early investors will benefit from the ELITE plan card for free for 1 year. An email from our team will guide you through the process and registration instructions.
Absolutely, depending on the plan you selected, you get different levels of discounts and spending power.
Once you complete the pre-order form, you will receive an email confirming your registration request. As soon as the KYC is approved, we will notify you, that the card is ready for use.
Your card will typically be shipped to you within 5–10 business days. Shipping times may vary depending on the destination country and the delivery location within each country.
You will need to convert your Crypto into USDT. We will proceed in the back office to exchange seamlessly into USD. The base currency of the card is USD until CIX is tradable.
  1. Select the Crypto to be used from your spot wallet
  2. Convert your Crypto into USDT
  3. Transfer from Spot Wallet to Card Wallet.
  4. Start using your CIX Crypto Visa card.
At a later stage, will be added CIX and major cryptos .
A detailed overview of your top-ups, transactions and trade history can be viewed in your Centurion Card management Dashboard. You can track your spending and all transactions in real-time. Real-time push notifications with every transaction you make will be displayed on your phone.
Most payments fail due to insufficient funds, you need to make sure your card has sufficient funds to cover the payment amount. You can manage and view your available card balance on the card management portal.
  • 2.9% for virtual card
  • 3.25% for physical card
If you lost or if your card was stolen or for any other security reasons, you can temporarily block your card in the Centurion Wallet management dashboard
  1. Log in to your Centurion invest wallet
  2. Navigate to your virtual or physical card
  3. In your card dashboard, tap on the gear settings icon in the top right to open the card settings
  4. Tap on Block card and follow the instructions
To unblock a temporarily blocked card yourself, simply open your card dashboard on your mobile device, tap the gear settings icon on the top right to open the card settings, tap on Unblock card and follow the instructions.
The CIX Crypto Visa Card has the lowest available industry transaction rates. There are no card issuing fees and no recurring card or account management fees for our VIP plans. Fees we apply are for non-USD transactions (FX) and cash withdrawals (ATM & network). You can find out more about our VIP benefits (CI Card).
The CIX card, is more than just a crypto card. As a debit card connected to the visa payment system the CIX card is backed by Visa security and fraud prevention.
Backed by Visa security and Fraud prevention .
Block and unblock your card with a tap.
Extra 3DS protection for an added layer of security.
Yes, In the event your card is damaged, lost or stolen, you can order a new card directly in the Centurion card management portal at a cost of $20.00 for the virtual & 50.00$ for the physical plus shipping & handling. Note that your first card is always free and please note that you can only have one active CIX Crypto Card at a time.
The CIX Crypto Card native currency is USD and all related transactions are processed in USD. Therefore, all refunds will always be credited in the respective amount to your USD fiat wallet and can be tracked in the CIX Card management portal.
There is no minimum transaction amount.
Apple Pay — Google Pay — Samsung Pay Activating your Card by simply contacting our Customer service support line, for the first time as a security measure.
If you require further assistance, please reach out to us via website live chat, through email or your account manager.